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Log temperature where it matters and get alerts

HAM Thermosense ensures the quality of your products

HAM Thermosense

Log temperature and Humidity

HAM HumiSense ensures the quality of your products

HAM HumiSense

Want to control heavy loads like your water heater or oven?

Control and monitor energy consumption on your electrical panel with HAM DinSwitch

HAM Dinswitch

Control your devices with your smartphone and tablet

Check on your oven while away or turn on the water heater on your way home

Monitor your energy consumption

Learn what you pay for on your electricity bill

All this through our website and our app

All you need is a regular WiFi router and an internet connection

Privacy and security are our priorities. All communications are end-to-end encrypted

Issue voice commands

Support for popular virtual assistant platforms, enabling voice control

Available on Actions on Google Available for Alexa

Intuitive control with floorplan feature

Layout your devices by their actual location

Share devices with family and friends

Smart automation by defining rules in a if-this-then-that fashion

Schedule your garden lights by sunlight

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