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HAM ThermoSense

HAM ThermoSense

HAM ThermoSense is designed for commercial environments where temperature matters.

It logs temperature with high time resolution, allow you to generate reports easily, and get notified when something goes wrong.

What can ThermoSense do for you

  • View real-time temperature of your fridge space where a temperature probe is placed, temperature and humidity of where the device is installed and status of up to 2 doors
  • View historical data for all the above with a high sample rate
  • Generate reports in .pdf or .csv (Excel compatible) formats for regulatory or other use
  • Get alerts when temperature is off-limits, door is left open and others via SMS, e-mail, push notification and even Facebook messages and phonecalls
HAM ThermoSense with packaging
HAM ThermoSense

HAM ThermoSense helps you with regulations

HAM ThermoSense allows environmental monitoring in real-time and historically

You, or your technician, will get notified when the conditions get off limits. Phonecalls are harder to miss than conventional alert methods!

Generate reports that comply with food and health safety regulations in pdf format

Technical Stuff

  • Works with 5-12VDC, with micro-USB or terminal connection
  • Works with PT-100 temperature probes (one is provided)
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2 dry contact inputs, e.g. for magnetic door sensors
  • Dimensions: 5.5x4.5x2.2 cm
  • Works with WiFi, no hubs required!


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